how to make a blogger website pay zero

How to make a blogger website  pay zero


In this video, I will show you how to make a blogger website on blogger before you should have following this with you

  1. You need to have Google account in order to create a blogger
  2. You need to have an internet connection on a mobile phone or computer
  3. Basic knowledge about what you’re doing and reading and writing skills

so google provides website URL and this is the main drawback but we can purchase custom Domain form, many domain providers I will show you everything in the video but I will show you how to connect to blogger in a simple and easy way … In the next video
let’s get started with the topic

How to make a blogger website  pay zero
How to make a blogger website  pay zero

You Must follow this #8 steps. How to make a blogger website

#1. Take a perfect niche for your blog (Pick a blog name)
#2. select  a blogging platform (i.e blogger ,WordPress, Wix,Joomla,medium etc..)
#3. select  a domain name which is related to your Niche or your wish it should be like
#4.Register your blog and get hosting or if your using blogger no need hosting plan
#5.Starting a blog on your platform
#6. Select a theme and Customize your blog. Choose a free template
#7.write content & publish your first post. and you need to promote your blog
#8.Make money by blogging have fun! There are several options to monetize your blog.
have fun!!!

Here some more information about how to make a blogger website:

How to keep the blog’s domain name?
The domain name is the website name of what you provide to your blog. This is a name address that a page opens as you type on the browser. This www. Starts with For example, if you want to keep the name of your blog which is about your niche, then the domain name of this blog will be By the way, domain names are also available for free I will provide it they are


And many more are available on the surface web (on the Internet ) check them Here
but most of the names will not be according to your mind and what you think, so people buy Domaine names for better results. If you want, you can buy domain names for your blog from providers they provide for 99 to 299 rupees.
What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting such as hosting is known by name.if you are using blogger no need for hosting plans. hosting gives your website and blog space on the surface web that is the Internet so that the others can see your blog and host your file on the internet.
Without web hosting, other people and visitors will not be able to see your blog or website.  On the other platform, there is paid web hosting and cloud hosting, which you can buy by paying from 99 to 250 rupees per month.and some provide only for 20 rs/- to 10,000
If you please want to know that who provides  the hosting 20 rs/-, and some will provide you absolutely for free  

 Please comment then I will provide you the details of companies  

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How to make a blogger website  pay zero

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